علوم تربیتی- گرایش آموزش ابتدایی
دانشگاه فرهنگیان

Teaching is not a job , it's love. If you have chosen it as a job , leave it but If it's your love , Congratulation. Happy Teachers' day. I'm happy that I'm a teacher

May this new year God grants you five things Sun, to warm you Moon to charm you An Angel to protect you True love, to care for you A. friend, to listen to you Happy New Year

There are four things you can't get back in life. The time after it's gone. A trust after it's lost. The word after it's said. An opportunity after it's missed

The difference between school and life is that, in school, you are taught a lesson then given a test but in life, you are givent a test that teaches you a lesson